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Your Attention is The New Currency

Shots of Awe

A lot of people say that we live in such a mediated age, so many signals, so many platforms are competing for our attention that effectively, now we live in an attention economy. We live in the age of attention. The currency today is the currency of your attention. We want to cannibalize that evanescent flux of sensation and perception that is all we have and all we are and so, you ask yourself, is this a good thing to be mindlessly occupied and entertained every day till death do us part? Not necessarily any good content but just something that fills in the void.

There is an antidote. There is an alternative currency, a Utopian currency and I call it the currency of inspiration. The currency of wonderment & the currency of curiosity. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of being concerned about our careers, we were concerned about our curiosities? We were satiated and maintained by our passion as it burns away all obstacles before us. I mean, in the space of content, in the space of information exchange, perhaps we should stop worrying about colonizing individuals limited attention spans and creating digit free manic depression but instead, create media that matters, that enriches, that expands the human imagination, that shares goose bumps.

Technologically mediated through the ether sphere so that all of us feel closer to one another. Feel like we are part of a larger symbiotic Gizem and that William is in this field was love and wonder and awe and cosmic curiosity and wouldn’t this be the best age? Instead of the age of attention, aged off age one, dirty page of bliss, the age of something better!


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