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Why Do We Listen to a Song That Makes us Cry?

Shots of Awe

One of the interesting things about music, that touches our soul, that induces melancholy, perhaps a bit of sadness, is the question why would we do that to ourselves? Why would we listen to a song that makes us cry? What kind of sick pleasure do we get from nostalgia?

This is part of the purpose of beautiful music and that music makes room for our pain and by actually making room for our pain, acts as a cathartic experience that allows us to release pent-up emotions. The emotions that otherwise, would drive us into a neurotic spiral, into hell. In other words, music is therapeutic melancholic, beautiful music that makes you cry is piercing you in a certain way and making room for your pain. Why? Because we’re all full of pain!

That’s the thing that we tend to forget. Most of us are just generally very good at repressing it, repressing the grim reality of our condition but most of us, we’ve picked up so much pain along the way, and we’re all suffering from a kind of psychological PTSD. It’s called being alive. It’s called falling in love and having your heart broken. It’s called failing in life and getting back up again but those failings, they eat at us, so we carry this pain and we need outlets. Some of us become artists, painters and some of us become lyricist and some of us build companies that change the world and plant the flag on the surface of the moon but for others of us, sometimes, what it takes is a beautiful song that lets us cry. That lets us make room for our pain so that we may dissipate it move.


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