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What An Artist Really Want – Packaging The Metaphysical

Shots of Awe

I think, the goal of any artist is the desire to package the metaphysical, to articulate the ineffable, to somehow clothe and capture transients and ephemerality. It is said that artists step into a metaphysical realm, they go into altered state of consciousness, and they walk into the space of the imaginal.

Liminality is the word that we use to describe the threshold between this world and the next between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Where the regular and everyday becomes the mythological and the artist, into the mythological space, Plato’s realm of ideals, form truths of poetic rapture and they do their best to again package the metaphysical.

What I think is most amazing about technologies, is to transcribe subjectivity, whether it’s the still camera or the video camera or the pen and ink. Words language, alphabetic rapture that we transcribed of an active mind into tangible form so that, it can be shared. Because ultimately; it’s about wanting to share the contents of our minds with others. It’s about a desire for a union for closeness, a desire to be known and to know another and the loneliness of poetic rapture, the loneliness of the metaphysical experience is only a squash. The itch can only be scratched when we’re able to translate that ineffable experience into language and form and actually share it with others.

Then we finally feel seen and we finally feel understood and we finally feel have dissolved.

The goal of these videos has always been to be exactly that. To take you with me on a cosmic magic carpet ride and to actually capture and package the metaphysical.


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