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We’re The Infinite!

Shots of Awe

Human beings are in quite a predicament. We have the mental capacity to ponder the infinite yet, we find ourselves housed in heart pumping, breath gasping, decaying bodies. We are simultaneously Gods and worms.

Human beings need to find a way of bridging the finite.

Us with the infinite which isn’t that ineffable. Cosmo is a universe that is beyond our capacity to comprehend. Something so vast that we can hardly model it in our consciousness and we’ve come up with ways of assimilating ourselves with the infinite. We’ve come up with complex mathematics with equations. We’ve created space telescopes that main line space and time through the optic nerve but what do we do with that? How are we to make sense of transfigure a ting experiences in which we disappear and become one with everything?

In these moments we recontextualize the self as a marvelous conduit in a timeless hall from which molecules and meanings flow from neurons to nebula and back again.

It is in this dramatic recontextualization that some people experienced temporary panic. It’s like we’re having a dose that is stronger than what we can release into but if you can slowly, through meditation and self inquiry and breathing, learn to breathe through the turbulence, learn to deal with the crisis, the supreme ordeal, as you pass through the birth canal, you might be born into something quite new and exhilarating. You might emerge on the other side of that black hole and step into the light.

People talk about it as an out-of-body experience. People talk about it as the moment in which they tasted or they engender the divinity within themselves. It is possible, it can be staged, religious ecstasy, intellectual neuro storms, these experiences, that mark us, that tattoo themselves in our saiki and leave us with feelings of grace and ecstasy and gratitude.

We are all heroes on a journey looking for that. We’re looking for annihilation of self with a small so that we can remesh with a sense of self, with a capital connected with it all and I’m not saying that I’m there; I’ve dealt with my share of anxiety, turbulence, fear and even panic but there have been moments where at pearson against I,t through the veil and the curtain parts and what had never been seen as devoured by the eyes and in these moments, the universe winks. I know that all is good and I know that all is good.

You don’t conquer the anxiety about dying you meet it with courage.


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