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We’re Great Complainers by Design

Shots of Awe

I think it’s fair to say that by design, human beings are great complainers. We have a unique skill set, unique capacity to find what’s wrong with the world and hopefully intervene, address it and make it better. Our capacity of imagination, to imagine, to design, to create has allowed us to rework the world, to improve upon it, to augment, to upgrade, to set ourselves up as engender Gods and Goddesses, who soar through the sky with technological marvels to create cognitive appendages and prosthetic extensions of mind tools that we design to design us in return.

Our capacity to find what needs fixing is a gift.

What’s not a gift is our overuse of that capacity. The fact that we’re never ever satisfied, the fact that we’re never ever satiated, we have more than we’ve ever imagined. We are wealthier and more privileged than any other time in human history and yet, we always look for a reason to be complaining.

So, the question then becomes; how do we address this? How do we both, celebrate our capacity to make things better but also, learn to appreciate what we’ve got and what we have achieved? A key buzzword these days is the self-help movement. People looking to address the anxieties and neuroses of the modern age. How do we learn or be grateful? How do we practice gratitude? How do we learn to count our blessings?

Each one of us is already a miracle. If you can breathe, if you can think, if you can love, if you can earn; you’ve won the lottery and you just think of all the sperms that you had to triumph over to get to the egg that conceived you for nine months. You were safe merged with the visionary being known as your mother.

Finally, through the birth canal, emerged into a world of inconceivable wonder and mystery, floating on a rock in the middle of a universe that is bigger than grandeur, that we can even model with our greatest mathematics and yet, here we are, visionary beings, aware that we are aware. With his capacity to generally possible, to imagine, to conceive, to create, to design, to upgrade; again, I’ve said it again and again and yet, we complain and yet we’re depressed and yet we’re popping pills to squash your anxiety and so again, what do we do?

We need to practice gratitude, we need to learn to say thank you.

Thank you, amidst the inconceivable cosmic ash of nothing, we are here and we can love and we can yearn. We can dream and we can have sex and orgasm my friends. We have it all and we just need to learn to appreciate the fact. So, I’ll leave you with that gratitude from an addict.


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