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We Are The Storytelling Animal, The Journey, The Seekers

Why do you think that experiences of transformation often employ the journey motif in order to describe the nature of the experience and that’s because the term ecstasies implies transport. It implies crossing over, moving from who I am now to well become and so, it’s interesting that so many stories like Eat Pray Love being a key example.

Employing this motif of the journey to illustrate a character’s path towards healing, growth & apotheosis. Joseph Campbell, the mythologist, identified the journey motif as ‘the hero’s journey’. He says the mythology by which an individual lives, requires him to use this hero’s journey motif to impregnate his life with a semblance of meaning and signification. We use this meta pattern, we use this as a set of codes and symbols that actually give us reason for being the biological advantage of consciousness. It allows us to endow our lives with a narrative larger, grand narrative that marries someone finite, something finite to something infinite and this, through this technology, through this mythology, through this biological advantage that we have grown to become the dominant species on the planet.

There is like a Darwinian reason for us having consciousness and for us being creatures that seek meaning through these journeys of transformation, through this journey motif, transport of crossing over up, become of evolving of transcending. This is who we are, the storytelling animal, we are the journey errs, we are the seekers!


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