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Vulnerability is Creativity

You are stronger than you think

Your vulnerability is directly proportional to your creativity. You can’t learn and create new things until unless you are vulnerable. Most of us live in our square caged minds, afraid to venture outside. Afraid to entertain a new thought, a new way of doing things. Afraid to accept our own dreams and desires. Afraid of changing our opinions and perceptions.

To understand, picture your mind caged in a box, that box is placed in the middle of your perceived jungle. The mind thinks if you ever get the box open, terrible things will happen. The worst fear is being attacked, some perceived enemy of you will take advantage of your vulnerable state.

I say, peer outside, come and sit on top of the box sometimes, look around. There is no one! The jungle is just your perception. Go into the jungle, naked, vulnerable. Learn what’s new out there, as life and new experiences begin at the edge of your box aka your comfort zone.

The more vulnerable you are, the better will be the speed of the growth, the more creative you will be. Get your ass in the line of fire, let anything and everything happen. You are stronger than you think.

As for the perceived enemies, fears are true, some people do try to take advantage rarely but be mindful of the fact that they live in their own caged minds. Being out in the jungle will give you new tools, experiences, and knowledge to fend-off the attackers, they don’t understand you are vulnerable by choice, not by fate.


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