How Your Lipstick Shade Determines Your Character In Our Society

We live in a mostly patriarchal society which lets men get away with anything and women with nothing. Women are constantly judged for the choices they make. Even if its their clothing sense or fashion style. Being an Asian especially Pakistani is already not a gift itself. We get the religious traditional lessons for everything we do. “kesi larki hai, gali deti hai”, “Iski pant kuch zyada folded nae?”, “cropped jeans, characterless” are things I hear every now. Is it not any democratic citizen’s right to wear anything she wants?

But we are judged even on the basis of our lipstick shade, here are few character categories associated with the lipstick shades we wear.

  1. Pink

For women who are bubbly and energetic, hot pink is the perfect shade but we will be labeled as mischievous and flirty nature girls.

  1. Red

Straight comes one judgment, too loud, whore like, “anarkali bazar ki ronaq bekherne wali” and much more.

  1. Scarlet and Plum

Slutty, outrageous and “baghi”, women who put on the amazing unique scarlet might be put under the category of sexually intimidating women.

4. Nude Shades

The ideal girl, “the perfect daughter-in-law” for some but at the same time a group of people may categorize her as the tease, the girls who silently give boys the signal.

5. Brown

If a girl wears brown lipstick she surely is an aunty and/or “well experienced”(if you know what I mean).

6. Orange

Depends on the fashion trends, few years ago it was acceptable for the people who don’t really wear it but just bear the sight of us wearing the shade. People will call the girls under this category as “paindu”, fashion disaster and “dehati” maybe.

  1. Black

They are the social, cultural, religious outcast of the society who shall be banished to some other country or even planet because they are so “ajeeb”.

This is how difficult it is to put on any shade. Be careful because your whole character will is going to be judged on the basis on that one shade.

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