900 Calorie Diet To Loose 5 kg In 10 Days

Being in a good shape is not about the beauty standards, it is more about being healthy. No doubt that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes but there is a body proportion which is extremely essential to maintain to be healthy and to live a healthy life. There are many diet plans people follow and get the desired results.

Here I share with you my 900 calorie diet. 900 calorie diet is a diet plan when you eat the healthy food but in a fixed amount, that is strictly 900 calories. 900 calories diet is the tough one yet the most effective one to shred extra weight fast. I personally tried it and after seeing the results myself I recommend it to my family and friends. Here is what I ate whole day not to exceed the 900 calories and stay charged.

NOTE: Drink 3 liters water of which 1 liter should preferably be detox water.

And remember that the key to success is consistency.

 1. Breakfast

  • 3 boiled whole eggs with the yolk to give you good fats and energy
  • 1 slice of bran bread for all the amazing fibres.
  • A cup of green tea to burn the bad fats.

2. Lunch

  • A cup of green tea
  • 3 boiled eggs
  • An apple

3. Snacks

You can snack on only any of the following items.

  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Yogurt
  • Apples
  • Pop corn
  • Fruit(Avoid apricot and mangoes)

4. Dinner

  • A bowl of oatmeal
  • A cup of green tea at least an hour before going to bed

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