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To Be Kissed, How it Feels Like?

Shots of Awe

Let’s talk for a second, about the glorious, the glorious epiphany of a kiss. To be kissed is to be touched, have to be touched in the most erotic and intimate of ways. To be kissed is to be probed, to be kissed is to be tasted, to be kissed is to be licked, to be devoured, to be sampled in body and mind. To be kissed is to be touched and deep in intimate places and spaces. To be kissed is to be invited, to be kissed is to accept a dance surprise, oh my god! And that feeling, when your lips meet those nerve endings, come into this, just dance, this tangle, it is kind of orgasmic.

My gasping mind, guess, mix space, I mean that moment, it’s a neuro storm. It’s a moment of intense intellectual pleasure, its moment filled with feelings of signification and revelation like discovering something for the first time. A sense of first sight, unencumbered by knowingness and all of a sudden, what does that do? Well, it fills you with hope it, fills you with bliss, it fills you with a kind of cosmic reassurance, all thoughts of death and anxiety dissipate, all sense of fear about the future, longing for the past, also go away.

Time and space collapsed from underneath your feet and you enter a wholly radiance, a wholly moment.

mysterium tremendum

If a scene awesome otherwise known as the numinous and this is a place you enter, this is a place you go your lips meet and you become something together. You enter into a kind of heart shaped myth out mythology and in this halo; there is so much to inspire us. Think of all the pop songs, think of all the romantic comedies, think of the fact that you will never miss the opportunity to believe in this kind of love and in this kind of romance.

That’s why I love being kissed! I mean, that’s why we all love being kissed, that’s what it feels like to be kissed.


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