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The Reality of Motherhood in Pakistan!

Dr. Noreen Zafar speaks about a topic close to her heart: women and healthcare in Pakistan. In her talk, she stresses the importance of educating Pakistani women about their health and encouraging them to seek help at the hands of credible and reliable healthcare professionals.

Noreen Zafar is a well-known healthcare specialist who has been working in Pakistan since 1999, offering high quality gynecological care and empowering Pakistani women to become emancipated and independent decision-makers regarding their health.

She is also the founder of the Girls & Women Health Initiative (GWHI), an NGO that has initiated numerous taboo-breaking campaigns to increase the usage of contraception to reduce deaths caused by unsafe abortions. Dr. Noreen Zafar’s extensive work experience also includes persistent efforts to end abuse, gender bias and to help women overcome depression and anxiety.

She has also set up numerous free medical camps in the country; holding awareness sessions and regularly training midwives and paramedics to perform safe deliveries, in addition to providing safe post-partum care.


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