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The Power of Intuition

It’s a must watch documentary, explains how we came to using [or believe on using] just 2% of our mind for 100% of processing and how that pre-frontal cortex, the poor 160 bit/second processor, can’t hold more than 1 thought at any given moment. That one thought is the key to our happiness and unhappiness. If we are not mindful at any given moment, we are just doing the useless thinking.

I, myself, used to think that all of this shallow processing is required to be creative,¬†to find solutions but then whenever I actually needed to “think” about something, I would leave office, change my settings, think about going closer to nature [model town part being my favourite haunt] or I would go home, sit alone and start watching useless seasons such as Narcos. That was me giving my subconscious space to process, rather than using my rational mind to do the heavy lifting [there is no way it can do that].

We all do that but we do that subconsciously, how about being aware of what and why are we doing it, will it increase our performance?

As Andy Puddicombe said in his ted talk:

It will be a shame if we spend our lifetimes buried in useless thoughts.

Powerful stuff, do watch! It’s available on Netflix or you know how to find it…


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