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The Garden of Eden For Sale

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Human beings are into altered states of consciousness. Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheel have talked about the altered states economy. We are willing to spend money to perceive the world in a different way. Whether it’s our fierce appetite mind-altering drugs or virtual reality technologies like cinema or even going into a casino or hiring a prostitute, human beings will spend to feel different, to go into an altered state.

Today we’re seeing a renaissance in the cycle of therapeutic uses of psychedelic substances like MDMA or psilocybin mushrooms, where human beings are now saying that within the realm of altered states, might be a solution to our existential ills, that we might finally bridge a tunnel between ourselves and the infinite. So, it is in the end through altered states that we may even find our salvation and I think, this is really interesting.

I love to go to the movies. I love to go into a liminal trance. When I lose myself in an alternate reality, I like to intervene while I’m awake. I like to dream at night too but if we can treat our normal waking lives, that’s something that is unbounded as our dreams. That is as unbounded as cinema perhaps. There in live the future of human consciousness when technology can be sourced to take care of all of our ills and to handle our menial tasks might wake free. You imagination into a waking dream state, a lucid dream in which we live, might we all fall into the rabbit hole, might we all inhabit Wonderland, might we all get a pass to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

It’s never ending story folks and this is where we’re gonna live. I mean, look virtual reality technologies that are emerging now are indicative. We are going to be living in world rendered at the speed of thought. Condensations of human imagination, you know, universe is built out of life and mind and intentionality. Man, I can’t wait the Garden of Eden for sale real soon.


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