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The Beginning of Altered States of Consciousness

Shots of Awe

The 1960s was a time of tumultuous change in America. It was an era in which young people in droves started to experiment with altered states of consciousness. They started to experiment with altering their perception using psychedelics & mind manifesting drugs. This created a kind of cultural revolution or a cultural crisis.

If you are those in power and so, at the time, of course the hippies movement was criticized for its sexual promiscuity, you know that was the easiest way to describe it, oh these young people are just having wild unprotected sex and they’re growing their hair long and they’re being rebellious and oh my god, so much sexual promiscuity but, if you really look at what the threat to the status quo in the 1960s it was in sexual promiscuity, it was actually something more like unta logical promiscuity ontology has to do with beingness. When people were experimenting with mind-altering substances, they were disclosing new forms of beingness before themselves. Like, literally they were smashing their reality tunnels. They were realizing that culture is a linguistic construct and that the world and the laws that we see before us, are constructed and we can reconstruct them and we can change them and we can upgrade them.

There became a calling within culture to transform society to liberate us from the shackles of dogma and to create, perhaps a new world. So, when we talk about the 1960s is the time of revolution, this was not about sexual promiscuity. This was ontological; these were playing with reality. And threatening to usher in new realities, new worlds, new panoramas, free man!


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