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Shared Imagination Heterotopia

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There’s a great term coined by the philosopher Foucault known as ‘heterotopias’, a space and once physical and inter psychic that can be designed through the careful curtain of location and individual’s create, literally, a space of mind that people can go mingle with within. So, think of an excellently curated conference like Summit Series where individuals come together, who share a series of passions and curiosities in two outrageously well staged and designed spaces. That inform and condition, the mood that emerges and so, the reality, the epidemiological plan, the collective buzz, the theater of experience that is created by the curation and the design it becomes.

Again, a space of mind that we can dwell in together. We’re talking about designer mind escapes that can be shared communally places like Burning Man perhaps, embodiment to its full potential. Literally, a world created out of the imagination, a temporary dwellings place, a liminal zone, a space between this world and the other where we can experience the imaginal together. Where we can italicize reality and create world hoods and live within those world hoods together and mate with each other’s minds and it is so awesome and so, I think, we should just like start using this term now when we design these spaces of experience in the 21st century, we engage more and more. The technical material of subjectivity itself as Eric Davis says just built better and better and Tobias as packed Kane wrote in his beautiful book the clay ethnic, let’s go play, cognitive play is where it’s at!


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