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Reality Rendered More Real – Virtual Reality

When I think about virtual reality, I think about virtual reality. I think about humans as dreamers, I think about the human desire to actually aesthetic zed italicize reality, to actually put mind and purpose and function and it has on debt into the world. Like human beings take the raw material and inject it with purpose and signification. So, its reality rendered more real. It’s the hyper real, it’s the mediated reality, the cultural reality in which we live and so, when I think about what’s happening with virtual reality, I feel like the ultimate consummation.

It’s the moment where our gifts and desires and technology finally spill over, so that we can actually live inside of our own minds. I think about fully immersive virtual environments where everything around us would be like the matrix. A matrix of our own creation shaped and molded by our dreams. The iconography of our use, the pop culture references that inspire us, the songs that made us sing. All of these things will be the wallpaper of our minds, will window dress our phenomenological theater; will live inside of a pop song. This is virtual reality. It is reality enhanced, reality made better.


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