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Yakeen Ka Safar Episode 29 (HUM TV Promo)

What'll happen in the next episodes (epi 29) of Yakeen Ka Safar?

Watch the new & latest upcoming episodes (Ep 29) teaser of HUM TV drama series, Yakeen Ka Safar.

As you have seen in the last episode that all the truth of barrister Daniyal’s murder has been revealed and now all institute of government is paying tribute to him. Pakistan Bar council arrange a praising ceremony in memory of him. Barrister Usman and Asfandyar (Dr. Asfi) went to Islamabad to attend this ceremony. Dr Asif’s mother inquired about his willingness to marry with Zubi. Dr.Asfi is agreed to marry her.  Asfi’s mother ask Zubi to give her aunt’s address so that she can ask for her proposal from her aunt.

But when she get to know about all this she got very angry and go to Dr. Asfi cabin in hospital and harshly rejected his proposal. She denied to marry Asfi , Infact she did not want to marry anyone. Personally Zubi cannot forget her past and she think that she did not deserve him as he is very nice human.

In meanwhile Dr Zubi’s patient is taken to the hospital. She is injured by his husband fire gun. A powerful group of people of that area are against Dr Asfi’s hospital and they have planned to kill Dr. Asfi. Will some powerfull group of people will be able to kill Dr. Asfi? Will Dr. Zubi be agreed to marry Dr.Asfi? Will Zubi forget her past?

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