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Yaar e Bewafa Episode 21 (Har Pal Geo TV Drama Promo)

Whats going to happen in the epi 21 of Yaar e Bewafa?

Watch the new & latest episode (Ep 21) teaser of Yaar e Bewafa, Har Pal Geo TV drama series.

In the previous episode, we have seen that Amna has rejects Zaid offer for going with him, but her troubles has not reduced as she lives alone and society guy’s starts intimidate her as she gets heartbroken. In the next episode, we will see that after Amna gets annoyed from people behavior, she will go to her mother’s home and her mother will not be able to tolerate her for longer. Later, she will start seeking for a guy for her daughter and after selecting the guy her daughter will reject the marriage proposal.

Zaid will congratulate Amna for her marriage than she will tell him that he does not have the right information as she has disapproved the marriage proposal. Therefore, Zaid will feel pity for her and will request Amna to get married as this is the right option for her, but Amna will say this is her problem, so he does not have to worry about it. Amna mother will be against her daughter and her mother will tell her that if Amna disagreed on marrying then she (Amna mother) will not let her stay at her place. On other side, Zaid mother has annoyed her son to bring back Ahmed and Fiza together.

  • Will Zaid be able to bring Fiza and Ahmed back?
  • Will Amna agree on getting married?
  • If Amna does not agree on getting married, will Zaid take Amna to her home?

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