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Pagli Episode 9 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

What'll happen in the next episode (epi 9) of Pagli?

Watch the new & latest upcoming episode (Ep 9) teaser of HUM TV drama series, Pagli.

This episode of Pagli, Gulrukh interest towards Doctor turns out to more. When Zobia’s mother observe this, she decided to make her go from her house. Zobia’s mother felt that Gulrukh and Doctor should not stay in one home. This will be not good for Gulrukh. But Gulrukh father talk to the Doctor and ask him to treat Gulrukh in his own home. Gulrukh is not mentally stable and her family is already fed with her behavior. So, she needs to be with someone every time. He insisted Doctor to treat her daughter otherwise he will take her to Lahore.

On other hand, Gulrukh’s brother show interest in Zobia. Zobia also starts to show interest in him. When Gulrukh’s brother and Zobia started talking to each other. Zobia get to know about this matter. She quoted to his brother “You have enough space in your car and heart, you make every other woman your love.” And when their father get to know about Gulrukh’s brother. He got much angry and quoted “I am already in very pain and anger, don’t make me go mad.”

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