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Mujhay Jeenay Do Episode 8 (Urdu1 HD TV Promo)

What'll happen in the next episode (epi 8) of Mujhay Jeenay Do?

Watch the new & latest upcoming episode (Ep 8) teaser of Urdu1 HD TV drama series, Mujhay Jeenay Do.

As we have seen in the last episode, Naseeb started to get fed up with Saira and ask her to leave his home. Saira in heavy rain went to her brother’s place at night. Her brother and his wife drop Saira back to Naseeb’s home. On other hand, Shahab went to main city for his studies and get shocked with the news of her father’s second marriage. Shahab and Yasmeen both were unaware of this fact. Shahab told his mother about father’s second marriage. When she get to know about this news, she felt someone has taken her world away. Yasmeen always felt that her husband is different among all other men.

Secondly, Shaheena take her place in Naseeb’s home. And without her Saira and Tipu feels difficult. Naseeb feel good to take care of Shaheena and Tipu and their home. He wanted to stay there forever. On other hand, Shaheena’s husband got punished in court. Now let’s see what will happen next. Yasmeen, who always in the favor of women rights in her village. Will she be getting her right back or not? How she will react to all this? For all answers you need to see the next episode.

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