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Laut Ke Chalay Aana Episode 17 (Har Pal Geo TV Promo)

What'll happen in the next episodes (epi 17) of Laut Ke Chalay Aana?

Watch the new & latest upcoming episodes (Ep 17 & Ep 18) teaser of ARY Digital TV drama series, Laut Ke Chalay Aana.

As we have seen in last episode that Farhan has forced Zainab to leave her house. She is now helpless she went to Shamim’s house. When Naseem came there and saw her in Sahmim’s house. She started taunting Zainab on her stay in her daughter’s in laws. Zainab after listening to all these from Naseem, she said her to find some new resource to get money from her brother. She cannot help her.

Nassem met Abeera to ask money from brother Farhan. But Abeera refused to help her and said that she has no right on her brother’s money.  When Abeera refuses money, Naseem calls Farhan to take Zainab back to home. She felt very ashamed on his act in front of her in-laws.

Farhan went to take Zainab back to home but she refuses to go back to home. Zainab is confident about her poems that are going to be published. Farhan told Zainab that Abeera will not going to take care of Ayesha anymore. So, she should go home. But she replied that Ayesha is also his responsibility and he should take care of her.

Secondly, Abeera is concerned due to Ayesha’s bad company. She asked her to stay away from that guy but Ayesha refuses to do so.  Now will Zainab come back home for Ayesha? Or Zainab will still find some better way out for her?

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