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Iltija Last Episode 29 (ARY Digital TV Drama Promo)

What'll happen in the next episode (epi 29) of Iltija?

Watch the new & last upcoming episode (Ep 29) teaser of ARY Digital TV drama series, Iltija.

You will see in this last episode of Iltija that, after Amna went to Sameer’s place, he still did not change his behavior. Amna is aware of the fact that Sameer maybe never recognize the importance of Amna. But still she always supports him and take care of him in any case. When Hadi came to know about Amna. Sameer misbehaved with Amna so much. Actually, what happened is Sameer’s condition started deteriorating day by day. He realized the fact he doesn’t have much time.

Then he realized in what ways he was wrong. It is a fact that when you get to know that you are dying. You actually realize whole of your life what you did. Ending of this drama is in a hospital. Sameer who was in hospital begging Amna to forgive him what he did to her. He asked her to forgive him and start to move on. He doesn’t have much time in life. So, start a new life without him.

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