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Gustakh Ishq Episode 20 (Urdu1 HD TV Drama Promo)

What'll happen in the next episode (epi 20) of Gustakh Ishq?

Watch the new & latest upcoming episode (Ep 20) teaser of Urdu1 HD TV drama series, Gustakh Ishq.

As you seen in the last episode that Najaf and Sikandar got happily married but Maliha still loves him and from time to time she express her feelings to him by calling him up. Dua fell down from the stairs and at that moment Maliha was standing in a distance but she did not help her and rather leave the house .

In next episode you will see that when Najaf arrived at home she saw Dua is lying on the floor with so much blood. At once she got terrified and confused that now what to do but after calming down she decided to call her husband Sikandar and asked him to come home as soon as possible.

When Sikandar arrived and saw Dua in that condition he instantly call ambulance and took her to the nearest hospital. On the way to hospital Sikandar was continuously scolding and blaming Najaf for irresponsible behavior.Najaf was embarrass about her act and she was continuously crying.

When they reached hospital Dua was admitted and the treatment was started. Then comes Sikandar father and he said to him that I warned you not to marry this girl she was not good for you but you never understands me.

Will Sikandar would forgive Najaf?

Let’s see what will happen next. Do share your views by commenting us.

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