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Gumraah Episode 14 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

What'll happen in the next episode (epi 14) of Gumraah?

Watch the new & latest upcoming episode (Ep 14) teaser of HUM TV drama series, Gumraah.

As we have seen in the last episode of Gumraah, that Huma rejects her Nikah at the last moment. She told her parents that she is already married to someone else. Her parents ask her to leave the home immediately after listening to this fact. On other hand Aliyaan get to know about Huma and Sarmad marriage. Aliyaan congratulate to Huma by quoting,” Many Congratulations for your marriage.” Then he went to Faleeha’s place to meet her. Faleeha told Aliyaan about his father change of nature. She told him the reason why his nature has been changed. Because he got married again to someone and she is her second wife. And the girl whom he is married to is the one who works in his office. His name is Huma.

Secondly, Huma left her friend’s house and went to meet Sarmad. She doesnot found Sarmad anywhere. She went to his home but no one opened the door. Huma get suspicious and ask Sarmad that who is she. Sarmad in response replied you are my wife. Huma actually is feeling insecure about Sarmad or will she be getting the wife status from Sarmad. Let’s see in the next episode whether Sarmad will able to give Huma the status which she deserves.

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