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Ghairat Last Double Episode 25 & 26 (ARY Digital TV Drama Promo)

What'll happen in the next episodes (epi 25 & epi 26) of Ghairat?

Watch the new & last upcoming double episodes (Ep 25 & Ep 26) teaser of ARY Digital TV drama series, Ghairat.

As you seen in the last episode that Zohaib promised Saba that he will marry her what so ever happen now. On the other hand, Usman is imprisoned in jail and tells his brother wherever he feels about Saba and he will not forgive her.

Saba was ready in the bride clothes and was waiting Zohaib to arrive. When Zohaib arrived, they left the house for nikkah. In there journey, Saba said that she is not feeling well and she thinks that something is going to be wrong. Usman got out from the jail and when he heard the news of his sister getting married, he went home and get is pistol from the drawer and went in search of Saba.

While Saba and Zohaib were crossing the road, Usman interrupted them and shot a fire on Saba. Zohaib came in front of Saba and got hit. On the same time, police came on the crime scene and they arrested Usman.

Usman plead guilty and was sentenced to death. When Saba heard the news, she got depressed and she started to recall that what so ever her brother was still he was his brother and she thought she can help him but after helping him she would be gone far away from everyone including Zohaib as well. So she went to police station and she give a statement in the favor of his brother and walked out.

After knowing all of this Usman was very ashamed of himself and he went in to search of his sister to apologize her for his behavior. When he found her, he cried and asked for forgiveness and said that he is ashamed of himself what ever he has done to her and said that you have always been kind to me. Saba forgive him instead, on which Usman take her to Zohaib, were they both got married.

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