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Faisla Episode 17 & 18 (ARY Digital TV Promo)

What'll happen in the next episodes (epi 17 & 18) of Faisla?

Watch the new & latest upcoming episodes (Ep 17 & Ep 18) teaser of ARY Digital TV drama series, Faisla.

As we have seen in the last episode that after facing many ups and downs now Mariam has settled his life with Asad. They are having a good relationship. Mariam’s father after misbehaving with Asad’s mother take Mariam from Asad’s home. But Mariam realized that she should not leave Asad’s home. She is in love with Asad. But Mariam’s happiness was in short time as Umair is again in Pakistan and approaching Mariam. He attacked Asad with his car which lead to injuries to Asad. He has planned to trap Asad and for this purpose he asked help from Bella. Umair wants to take revenge from Mariam. He wants that how Mariam has reacted on his affair with Bella and eventually their relation ended in divorce. He wanted the same thing to happen with Asad.

The plan behind Mariam and Asad’s separation is not limited to Umair but Marium’s father is also part of this because he thinks that he had made a wrong decision of Mariam’s and Asad’s marriage and now he wants to correct his mistake. Marium’s father dislikes Asad and wanted their separation. Bella is now attracting Asad to herself so that she can create misunderstandings between Asad and Mariam. She wants to make Asad’s character doubtful in front of Mariam. But now did Mariam trust Asad? Did Mariam have to face all difficulties again? Did umair and Bella will be successful in their evil plans? Don’t forget to watch next episode.

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