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Daldal Episode 15 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

What'll happen in the next episode (epi 15) of Daldal?

Daldal is an interesting drama currently on air on Hum TV. In this drama, we have watched till now that Shuja is clinched in the trap of fake travelling agents and he is suffering from difficulties in his journey towards London. We also noticed that his companions are tending to perish, but he is alive yet.

On the other hand, his wife is also in miserable condition; as her mother in law (sakina) treats her very cruelly, and always keeps on taunting her that she is the responsible for her son’s trouble. Sania’s parents go to Kamran’s house and seek apology on their previous behavior. Sakina (mother in law of Sania) does not listen to them properly and talks in quite mocking accent. On the other hand, Hira tells Sania about the suspicious activities of sakina and adds that she is searching a bride for Kamran and wants to get him married again. Sakina overhears all this conversation of Hira and rebukes her, Hira becomes depress on her behavior. Sakina also attempts to strike Hira but Tamana (sister in law of Hira) saves her.

  • Will Shuja die during his journey or get his destination?
  • Will sakina’s behavior with Hira will change?
  • Will Kamran’s mother Sakina get triumph in getting second marriage of Kamran?

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