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Daldal Episode 12 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

What'll happen in the next episode (epi 12) of Daldal?

Watch the new & latest upcoming episode (Ep 12) teaser of HUM TV drama series, Daldal.

This episode of drama Daldal, you will see how Hira still supports Shuja after his bad behavior towards her. She fulfills the responsibility of a wife. But Shuja never stopped punishing Hira. He always get in to his mother views about Hira and start beating her. Hira has no option left so she went to her home. For Shuja’s sake, she bought all the jewelry from her home and gave it to Shuja. When Shuja get to know about all this, actually this was what Shuja wanted.

Shuja sell all of her jewelry. And spent all the money and give to a travel agent. Shuja is unaware what actually he is doing to himself. He is not realizing at all. He is actually doing against himself and one day he will realize this fact. Now, travel agent starts forcing Shuja to give him some more money as soon as possible. Shuja forced Hira to bring some more jewelry from her home. So that he can go abroad easily. Hira replied him that she has already bring all the jewelry from her home and my mother won’t trust me ever again. But Shuja as usual did not listen to Hira and start beating her. Shujaa’s younger brother stopped him at that moment. Let’s see what will happen next. Will Shuja be still continuing doing injustice to Hira? Or will Hira will get her property back? Will Shuja be able to go abroad? For all these answers you need to see the next episode of drama Daldal.

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