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Daldal Episode 11 (HUM TV TV Drama Promo)

What'll happen in the next episode (epi 11) of Daldal?

This episode of drama Daldal, Shuja asked her mother will Hira be getting her part from the property. From this we can say that now Shuja is after Hira’s property. Her replied with a yes. Shuja went to his mother in law and claims Hira’s property. His mother in law replied with anger and said. The man who is after his wife’s wealth does not have a respect at all. You do nothing and except things from other. These types of men can’t do nothing in their lives.

Hira’s life start deteriorating again and again with time. When Shuja went home back and told his mother. His mother replied with this is not the way of getting back Hira’s property. Your behavior won’t let do that. If you will hit you wife and treat as a slave. They will never give you the property of Hira. His mother advised him to change himself so that he can get HIra’s property back. There will no reasons to deny it. Shuja started to hit Hira again. Now see what will happen in the next episode. Will Hira be getting her property back? Or will Shuja be change? Let’s see for all the answers from the next episode.

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