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Daldal Episode 10 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

What'll happen in the next episode (epi 10) of Daldal?

As you have seen in last episode that Hira’s father died. Shuja wanted to go London but his dreams vanished with this tragedy. Shujaa’s younger brother asked Shuja now how you will go to London. Because there was only one option for Shuja to go to London. That was Hira’s Father. Secondly, Hira discussed with Sania about Shuja related to his departure to London. She discussed with sania and quoted”Shuja was too happy to go London , all his dreams have vanished.”Hira was thinking that Shuja must be blaming Hira for this. And how she will regain his trust.

Shuja’s father advised Shuja to get back to his previous office. He advised Shuja to ask his boss and request him for a job again. But Shuja is still stubborn that he doesn’t want to work here. And still he wants to go to London. He insisted his father that he wants to work in London. So, watch next episode to check whether Shuja will leave for London or he has to still work here

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