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Begangi Episode 14 (A Plus TV Drama Promo)

What'll happen in the next episode (epi 14) of Is Chand Pay Dagh Nahi?

Watch the new & latest upcoming episode (Ep 14) teaser of A Plus TV drama series, Begangi.

As you seen in the last episode that Grand mother of Omer advised Abdur Rehman and Asma. To tie a knot between Zaid and Maheen in this Asma response was that if you are not agree for Omer and Maheen marriage than I am also not willing to tie a knot between Zaid and Maheen.

On the other hand Maheen tried to convinced Zaid to take her to Omer by saying that he can block my number or cut my call but when I am standing in front of him, he cant walk away. Asma told Abdur Rehman that Omer doesn’t want me to stay with you . In replied, He said if you don’t want us in your life, than this house also don’t want you. Omer came back to the house and scare everyone of them that if they tried to hurt my mother I will not leave anyone.

In the next episode you will see that Abdur Rehman throws out his wife Asma and Asma at once was blank that where should she leave. So she decided to go to his son’s place. On the other hand Omer’s Grand mother will go to Maheen’s place to talk about Zaid and Maheen relation. Maheen’s mother got excited and happy after listening this news. When Maheen heard this news she got angry on her mother and shouted that she loves Omer and she will only marry her, no one else than him.

Will Maheen be omer’s Bride?

Let’s see what will happen next. Do share your views by commenting us.

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