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Baaghi Episode 20 (Urdu1 TV Drama Promo)

Watch the latest & new episode (ep 20) promo of Urdu1 HD TV drama, Baaghi.

In the last episode we watched that Fouzia gives interview to a news channel. That news channels shows immorality and on air her off the record conversation. Fouzia becomes sad on this and abuses the channel, but nobody listens to her plead. On other hand, Fouzia’s father is admitted in the hospital waiting for the treatment. Her wife asks her elder son for arranging some money for the operation of his father, but he refuses to do so and says that he cannot arrange for the money because his business is down and he is unable to bring a big amount of one lac. Her mother becomes disappointed on hearing the refusal of her son.

Ultimately she calls Fouzia and asks her for arranging the amount. Fouzia becomes happy to hear the voice of her mother, she happily agrees with her mother and tries to arrange the amount. Sheharyar misses Fouzia when she goes to Dubai for the sake of modelling. He calls her and expresses his feelings with her. She becomes cheerful to know her importance in his life.

  • Will Sheharyar keep on loving her in spite of her immoral activities?
  • Will Fouzia’s family change its behavior with her on helping in critical situation?

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