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Baaghi Episode 18 (Urdu1 TV Drama Promo)

What'll happen in the next episode (epi 18) of Baaghi?

Watch the new & latest upcoming episode (Ep 18) teaser of Urdu1 TV drama series, Baaghi.

Baghi is based on true story of a celebrity. So far, we have watched in this drama that Fouzia (Kanwal) is engaged in unethical activities, she has started making cheap videos to get the fame, and she is successful in this effort enough and her social media page is getting popular a lot.

In the next episode, we’ll watch exclusive happenings in this drama. Kanwal is trying her best to boost in her career and to gain this purpose she has changed her living standard completely. Now she is a bold, blunt and famous celebrity. Another twist is going to take place in the next episode, and a new man (lover) of Kanwal enters in the drama. The handsome and Famous actor Usman Khalid Butt is playing the role of Kanwal’s lover. He will see Kanwal in a shop and will be attracted towards her stunning personality, but Kanwal will not show any interest in him and he will keep trying to get her attention. In addition, he discusses Kanwal’s personality with his friend, but his friend forbids him to make any relationship with her and aware him about cheat character of Kanwal. In the village, the circumstances are not favorable for Kanwal as her father wastes her money, which she had sent to them because of love and to help them financially.

  • Will Kanwal get into the love of new man entering in her life?
  • Will she find true love and sincerity?
  • Will Kanwal’s father forgive her and accept her presents?

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