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Adhi Gawahi Episode 30 (HUM TV Drama Promo)

What's going to happen in the next episode?

Watch what’s going to happen in the next episode (Ep 30) of HUM TV drama series, Adhi Gawahi.

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In this episode, Salwa goes to Hamdaan’s office and there she meets a girl who was harassed and assaulted by Hamdaan before. When Hamdaan get to know that Salwa left for office, he goes there and asks Salwa that why she came here and also found out the girl who was her past victim.

Hamdaan tries to make Salwa believe that how much he loves her but Salwa listens no more. There is a scene where Saad’ s mother tell him that Salwa is never going to marry him if that’s what he’s waiting for. Whereas, there comes a proposal for Soha to which Soha agrees.

Finally, Salwa tries to file a case against Hamdaan through the new evidence and the victim’s statement and marry Saad at the end. Let’s see how this all happens with this thrilling turn of events against Hamdaan.

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