Kashif Abbasi’s Analysis on Hassan Nawaz’s Question

If you listen to what statements are coming from the Sharif family & PML-N leaders from past few days, you’ll notice contempt of court in them. You can call this panic & unrest because if is a worrying situation. The answer to Hassan Nawaz’s question can be given by Supreme Court’s decision.

Justice Ijaz ul Ahsan said in his decision “It is an admitted position that the respondent setup a company under the name & style of Flagship Investments Limited which received a substantial amount of money in the year 2001 when the said respondent had no source of income. Over the course of next few years, a number of companies were formed & taken over by the respondent, allegedly for his real estate business”. The question is, where did the Sharif family get all the funds for doing the businesses that are currently being showed as the sources of income.

He further says, “The sources from which the said companies business was funded are also a mystery. The real ownership & record of the said company is unclear which needs to be explained”. This is what the Supreme Court’s judge is saying not any member or leadership of PTI. This is a part of the Supreme Court’s judgment.

Supreme Court says that the Sharif family has to establish the documented proof of these investments & these are questions that Hassan Nawaz has to answer. All the companies that Sharif family has formed in London, what was the source of fund for those. That is the primary question. If the said family had read the decision, they won’t need to ask what they’re being charged with!

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