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Mutations in The DNA of Culture

Shots of Awe

If you think of culture as an organism, if you think of memes the way you think of genes, ideas as things that replicate, then you can see how those in the counterculture, those that agitate the sleep of mankind are kind of cultural mutagens.

On the one hand, we require collaboration and social cohesion and the one hand, conformity is important to people working together. Keeping things in line, achieving some kind of growth and progress and so on and so forth addressing the needs of a population on the other hand. You have the importance of nonconformity. Those that scare, there was that agitate, those that skew and challenge the system, revolutionary, that make us question and rip the fabric a little bit and allow us to pierce through allow some light to come in. Allow us to gain a different perspective.

The artists, the rebels, those that think different. If every bumper-sticker cliche but you can see these kinds of people as cultural mutagens. Literally, mutations in the DNA of culture that ended up being biologically useful. It made us more creative that expanded our peacocks better, our imagination, our language, our architecture, you know explosions of new ideas that emerge through the chaos of the showstoppers of the firecrackers of the crazies. It’s important to question, even the things we take for granted. It’s important to make spaces for the artists. We need to create safe havens and spaces for those who dare to think differently because at the end of the day, that’s the only way to evolve!


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