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Measure Your Level of Intimacy With Brain Coupling

Shots of Awe

We’ve all experienced that feeling when you’re really connecting with somebody. You meet somebody new, they’re really exciting, you find yourself hypnotized by their presence, you find them bewitching and as you start to converse, as you start to share stories, you find that you come into this synchronized kind of element, you feel like you’re connected. You feel like you’re meshing, you feel like you’re on the same vibe like you’re on the same frequency and I love that.

We use these ambiguous terminologies to describe what is experientially, at least, a metaphysical experience. I mean what does that even mean? Oh man, we were machine, we were connected,  it’s almost like these musical metaphors describe something that ultimately can’t be measured but our intuition alone is the way in which we come to realize that we’re having that experience of somebody else but again, it’s not like we have like a radar machine can scan, when we’re synchronized with somebody else. I’m meshing with her radar meter, meshing was really working you know. We have technological instruments to measure radar and measure other electromagnetic spectrum frequencies. But, we don’t have instruments to do that when it comes to the space of human interaction and yet, we have these experiences.

They feel real, they’re there, they’re intuitive, they’re there subjective and so, what does that mean? Recently there was a researcher at TED who was doing some research on what he calls ‘brain coupling’ and what he did is; he actually did FMRI scans on the brains of like romantic couples or best friends. People that you feel they kind of speak each other’s language and so, here’s what’s really interesting; when he did FMRI scans on the brain like an empirical scientific measurement of what was happening in each of their brains, he found that their brain waves were actually synchronizing.

Take that in for a second, a metaphysical experience, a supposedly experience, a supposedly non-measurable metaphysical magical dimension of the human experience, in which, you aren’t meshing and connecting and then, on the same frequency with somebody else that poetic rapturous subjective experience, all of a sudden can be quantified in an empirical scientific manner. So, we are grounding the poetry, the mystery of human communication, of human intimacy and finally able to like understand it in a physical sense, in a physical way and so, when science finally sort of grounds or metaphysical musings in an empirical reality, what it does for me is; it doesn’t get rid of the mystery but it sort of reassures me that what I was experiencing was real.

It sort of makes it even more real for me. So, now I know that when I meet that special someone, when she comes into my life and she smiles in just the right way and I get the goose bumps from tear staring at the iris of a lovers eye, I know that our brain waves are literally in sync and so, this is what we should look for when we connect with anybody. We should be like; hey you want a brain couple with me? You want to sit and talk and get naked and body and mind then couple our brain waves together because that’s what I’m interested in. Skip the small talk and go straight to that like inner subjective rapture. Let’s become one, I mean the goal is intimacy; this is what we so desperately want to articulate but often fail to do anyway.


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