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Kaatay Na Katay Featuring Aima Baig, Humera Arshad & Rachel Viccaji

Coke Studio Season 10 Episode 6

Rock meets semi-classical in this exhilarating audio-visual experience as this trio of powerhouses take the stage. Bursting at the seams with energy, Kaatay Na Katay features Humera Arshad, Rachel Viccaji & Aima Baig. With this stellar trifecta of vocal innovation, Ali Hamza sculpts an innovative blend of instrumentation and musical styles. Aima Baig brings her youthful spunk to the forefront teaming up with Rachel Viccaji’s cool, raspy vocals to bring the drive and powerful rock element. Juxtaposed with this intensity, Humera Arshad creates space of her own with her signature semi-classical vocals steering the song into a truly traditional realm. Complete with a mandolin solo, big drums and a vibrant energy, Ali Hamza masterfully creates a larger than life rendition with a collection of some of the most versatile voices in the industry today.


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