How to Choose Spouse in Islam

Allah says “Indeed for you is a beautiful example to follow in the life of Muhammad (SAW)”. In Muhammad (SAW), who is the Messenger of Allah, for those who like to meet Allah, for those who are looking forward to the end, those who understand what life and death is all about and what the eternal life is all about and those who remember their Maker often, will find a beautiful example to follow in the life of Muhammad (SAW).

When he made the decision of getting married, he was 25 years old. He got a proposal from a woman, according to the vast majority of the narrations; she was 40 years old. Why did she propose? Because she found an honest & upright individual who was hard working and he was faithful & trustworthy. He was a man who has character and conduct with a brilliant reputation and dedicated.

So she sent proposal to the man. He accepted the proposal and there was a reason, why did he accept the proposal? Because he found a very upright female as well she was a woman who had been previously married. Today, if someone is previously married, we are far away from it, “No I don’t need” yet, they could be better than those who haven’t even get married.

May Allah make it easy for us all and may Allah grant us the ability to choose a spouse wisely because we are talking of marital bliss, the family life, the home. Your choice of a spouse determines very strongly the type of children you will be having. Remember this, so when you choose, don’t just choose because, “Hey! She is good-looking!” but choose because of the morality & faith!

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