Escape Death – Challenge

If you don't believe in the judgment day, escape death!

No one can deny Death, not even the disbeliever. Allah says try to prevent death if your not going to recompensed and come for judgement. You will never escape it!

Death is the most certain thing yet most people are heedless of it and doubt as if it’s not going to happen. It comes suddenly and the intoxication of death will bring the truth (Islam) and you will enter the Barzakh (the life after this world & before judgement day).

Who is the smartest believer?

The one who remembers death often. He is the smartest because he will use his time wisely and will occupy himself with only important activities. He will succeed when others will fail. He will accomplish things others will not and he will have no fear of death because he is always prepared to leave this world.

He is the one who has taken heed of the Quran & will succeed when others will not.

So remember death often and remind others, it’s for your own benefit!

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