Arrival of Imam Mahdi & How to Prepare for Him

This videos outlines what Muslims in Muslim countries should be doing to prepare for the coming of Imam Al Mahdi.

An army from Syria (Sham) will try to kill Imam Al Mahdi but Allah will make the earth swallow that army and then the Mahdi will join the Muslim army in Khorasan (Modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan & Iran) and war with the enemies of Allah (the Zionist) will begin. That’s when the son of Mariam (A.S), Eesah (A.S) will also descend and the false messiah, Dajjal, will be killed & Eesah (A.S) will rule the world.

However, what should we be doing now? What Imam Mahdi will be doing! Fighting and resisting oppression! Helping the oppressed & making sure we are ready when these events occur. Muslims need to strengthen their military and ensure they are ready. If they don’t, than the Zionists will invade them & further destroy Islam. We have already seen what they did to Syria, we need to offer resistance.

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