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IoT is Not Just The Internet of Things But of Everything!

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We’ve seen our supercomputers shrink down from the size of buildings into handheld devices. We wear inside of our pockets, cognitive appendages, which extend our intelligence and our mind and our cognition beyond its quotidian boundaries. We use these tools to reach out to one another, to empower one another; in fact, the United Nations 2010 Development Study found that the cell phone was one of the greatest inventions in history to pull people out of poverty.

We create these tools, we overcome problems, we overcome boundaries but what happens when these tools continue to de-materialize? What happens when these tools enter our bodies and brains? What happens when the world of everyday objects gets sensors installed into it as well?

People talk about the internet of things (IoT), people talk about basically, cognate eyes in the world, the same way we electrified it with electricity. Computation intelligence mind is just going to be everywhere so that the normal distinctions between self and world will dissolve. The internet of things is the internet of everything. Intelligence everywhere, cognition everywhere, intelligence turned inside out, mind turned inside out and all of a sudden, casting its cognitive spider webs all over the reality that surrounds us, so that we start to live in our own.

Just like architecture has intention embedded in its form and intention will be ever presence. It will be everywhere. We will have distributed ourselves all over this, be everywhere. We will have distributed ourselves all over this planet, all over this globe.

Its only the beginning of our ability to create virtual models in our heads, our ability to create flying machines in the sky that further extend our cognitive scaffolding.

In combination with our oppose-able thumbs, it was sufficient to user in this secondary world know as technology and this journey will continue until the universe is at our fingertips


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