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Human beings have forever been concerned with the ways in which they can mediate.

The contents of consciousness

We’ve been told by wise men throughout the ages that what is within becomes without but in turn, what is without becomes within. We build the tools and the tools build us. Our thoughts shape our spaces but our spaces return the favor and so again, a key idea here is that if we’re dealing with the technical material of subjectivity itself in theory or the way to mediate our inferiority of side from mindful self inquiry and meditation is through harnessing the power of built environments, power of architecture.

If you want to shape minds, shape spaces in which those minds dwell and so, we’re here in Tulum, a community of intention where resorts like nomadic have taken it upon themselves to shape spaces that inform minds. The shape’s spaces, the engineer ways being ways of seeing, thinking for the first time in history, the mind subjectivity consciousness has become an engineering project. One impregnated with intentionality, we have turned ourselves into the ultimate canvas to be hacked, the ultimate canvas to be upgraded, to be redefined, to move deeper into this mystery of stealth capital.

People call it a revolution in consciousness, people call it a revolution in thinking but it’s really a revolution in architecting mind by architecting space building and knitting together communities thought, by laying down sticks and bricks together to create spaces that inform those very communities of mind. We’re talking about turning our mind inside out essentially and making it into this hoodie of clay that we can mold into beautiful capes and so, it’s something I think about a lot because I’m interested in how consciousness can be taken to the very next level and so witnessing spaces in places, where this is already being put into practices is endlessly inspiring. Again, we write interior life, that’s the engineering project, that’s what we’re aiming to hack, that’s what it’s all about.


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