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Why We Want to Be Confident?

Shots of Awe by Jason Silva

Why is confidence so attractive? Why is confidence so irresistible? The idea that an individual that you come across in the world knows a secret that you don’t. They know something. There’s a twinkle behind their eye and it speaks to you that makes you feel like they know something that you don’t.

They are at ease in ways that you wish you were too. They have this groundedness, this stability; they have this emotional presence they fill the room with. Their sense of knowing and you know we come across these people in our lives and we’re explicitly drawn to them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s sexual attraction or just an amicability or just somebody you want to be friends with but the desire to be near those that project this kind of confidence, has to do with wanting to drink the cool ail that they drank. To want to glimpse the supposing truth that they’ve been exposed to and it could be a false projection too.

It could just be that these people are simple physically attractive and the equanimity with which they move about the world, seduces us into thinking that they know the answers that somehow we don’t.

I don’t know which the case is. I don’t know if they actually know those answers or if they’re just really good at lying about it. But, i’ve always been drawn to these people and it doesn’t matter if they’re eloquent professors or movies stars or just the coolest kid in school.

That confidence, that sense of knowingness that they bring forth is something that I’ve always been itching to acquire and there’re certain moments in my life, certainly, when I feel alert, awake and aware. Some kind of deeper veracity, some deeper truth that fills me with joy, gratitude, with grace and during these moments, I taste a sliver of that confidence. But, it’s not yet stabilized in my life. I still collapse back into myself with all my fears and season doubts and the journey continues.


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