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I Am More Because I Have More

Shots of Awe

Many people say that the world we live in is a world where people are only interested in money. People are obsessed with their social status. Obsessed with their cars, their clothing, and their expressions of abundance. It’s all about comparing each other and saying “I am more because I have more.”

But we know this doesn’t take us anywhere but to more psychological and emotional misery. What we need is a state of expanded consciousness. What we need is a new perspective. A new way to see the world. A new way to see each other. I’m talking about expanding our frontiers, changing the filters on how we see reality. And in the end, expand the parameters of what is possible.

It’s all bad again promoting ways of seeing the world better. More tolerant of individual differences in which we celebrate what normally used to be a source of hostility liver. It becomes question of how to create upgrades for our culture? How to create media that can act as an inception that can change people’s consciousness, broaden their perspectives, expand their horizons and I don’t mean to sound like a bumper sticker but the cliche, sometimes, is true.

Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open.

So that’s our way, questioning Dogma, moving ahead no matter what obstacles we find. And not letting anything discourage us. Don’t let anything take away our motivation. Emancipate ourselves from our misery and create new forms of bliss for ourselves.


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