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I Am Divine Yet I Am Food For Worms

Shots of Awe

Human beings are part symbolic and part animal. There is a dimension to our lives that is metaphysical and mythological and which will feel connected with something larger than ourselves. With something infinite and then, there is a part of us that bleeds and that defecates. We are simultaneously gods and worms and there is tension, there in now when we live in our bliss and we connect with our passion. When we connect with our purpose, when we are plugged into something larger than ourselves. We feel an agility and self possession that is irresistible. We are as God’s, we are like an airplane in flight with a million moving parts, working together in perfect harmony, precision, to keep this larger-than-life entity aloft and in flight.

Think of that agility and self possession that we feel when we are in the zone, we are in the flow. Now, of course anytime that we are reminded of our finitude, of our limitations, of our fleshly casing that is kind of existential bummer of the highest order, you know I fell on my bicycle yesterday and I got a scrape on my hand and just the wounds. Just like being scraped, just having to look at that and to ponder that I am a creature made of flesh. Even though I feel like a mythological metaphysical being and can contemplate space and time on a scale, just shy of the infinite, a creature that can fall in love, a creature that can experience radiance and inter subjectivity and consume cinema of the highest order and probe the perimeters of his own consciousness.

A true psycho, not a true soul sailor, simultaneously made of flesh. I am divine yet, I am food for worms.

This is the hopeless duality of man. This is the existential terror, the existential bummer, the vivid intensity of our condition is something that I am not sure I can even cope with. I feel an agitation, a collective existential agitation, to be a being that wants to soar, ready to be like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, flowing through the skies of line through the landscape and yet, to feel grounded by breath, grounded by body, grounded by this, like en-tropic embodiment, it’s a bummer.

It’s a bummer but I take inspiration from Buckminster fuller when he tells us that even through life is bound by entropy, life is still anti-entropic. Life moves away from entropy and towards greater complexity and organization and then, from life, sprouts technology and we go from the born to the made and perhaps, with mind and life and technology, we will extend our scaffolding of mind beyond the casings of flesh. We might engender Godhood and God as Dylan Thomas says, do not go quietly, that good night but rage against the dying of the light. Perhaps in this quote is the summation of the human opus. The human opera that we will not go quietly, that we are here to do gauger. That’s the human situation and that’s what keeps me going!


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