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How to Find Your Passion

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It’s a question we ask ourselves every single day. We’ve all been told that a life of passion is a life that means something but how do we identify our passions? It’s not always easy. So one of the things that Steven Kotler breaks down is that he says;

Passion essentially exists in the intersection between multiple things that you’re curious about.

The first thing you should do if you want to identify your passion is to make a list of all the things that you’re curious about. All the things that you wonder about. Be as specific as you can and then create kind of a Venn diagram and try to figure out where the things are that you’re curious about. Three or more intersect and that’s the sweet spot. That’s where there is energy. That’s where there is dopamine and neurobiology.  Multiple streams of curiosity intersected a space called passion and then once you’ve identified your passion then you can figure out how to turn that passion into a purpose. Make a list of 15 things in the world. 15 challenges you’d like to see solved and then figure out which one of those challenges can be served by your passion.

Curiosity leads to passion & multiple streams of curiosity leads to passion. Identifying problems in the world that can be served by your passion leads to purpose. Then your life is a sense of significance, a sense of meaning and then you can go forth.


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