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How Did Ayesha Omer Lose Weight

Cute, stylish actress, model & singer, Ayesha Omer has lost  10 KG weight. It all started when her brother researched for a healthy lifestyle for his mother. Ayesha’s mother suffers from eczema and her brother was quite worried about his mother & he decided that their mother should not take any processed food or refined carbs.

How Did Ayesha Omer Lose Weight

After some time, when Ayesha Omer saw a major improvement in her mother’s skin & health, she also decided to follow the healthy lifestyle diet plans.  She started buying her own fresh fruits, vegetables & other stuff. No more processed food or cold stored vegetables. All snacks she has been taking now are fresh salads, fruits & nuts. Another major switch in diet was the use of Desi-chicken & coconut oil. No more rice & wheat, the major sources of carbs and now she looks fresher & amazing than before!

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