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God Is In The Rain

Shots of Awe

I’d like to talk about grace because, why not? I’ve always loved the sound of that word grace. When I think of grace, I think gratitude, I think of bliss and I think of faith, all at once. Like those three qualities had a baby, it would be grace.

Grace is what you feel on the other side of the rainbow. Grace is what you feel through the looking glass when you commit to an act of kindness, when you perform an act of kindness in the world; you get a taste of grace. Grace feels like we’ve turned our passing illuminations into abiding light. Grace is that scene in ‘V for Vendetta’ where Natalie Portman says, “God is in the rain.”

Grace is transformation, grace is metamorphosis. They say that our cells are a technology that turns experience into biology, you become tattooed transformed by your actions in the world and grace is what happens when those actions have brought you nourishment and brought you gratitude.


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