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Characteristics of a Mystical Experience

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Throughout much of human history, Sages have spoken about the mystical experience, perhaps the most meaningful experience that human beings are capable of having. A mystical experience is an encounter with the transcendent Triton’s, an encounter with the numinous when Otto rank described as the mysterium tremendum and a solution of reality, when the doors of perception are cleansed and the mystical experience has some characteristics, some persisted hallmarks that always show up. No matter the culture or worldview and belief system of whoever is having it.

There’re these common attributes that show up with mystical experiences. The mystical experience is  characterized by feelings of cosmic unity, feelings of oneness with elders, feelings of interconnection. Mystical experience is characterized by feelings of transcendence, time-space, the mind freed from the shackles of the ego, freed from the constraints of time and space. The mystical experience is characterized by positive wound lifting, a feeling and bliss, a feeling of ecstasy, a feeling of gratitude.

The mystical experience is characterized by feelings of the sea connecting with the divine. Mystical experience is characterized by ineffability, a feeling that you can’t quite put it into words and it’s an experience beyond language, you can’t clothe it with language. The mystical experience is characterized by feelings of paradoxically, feelings where you can hold multiple perspectives in mind at once, where contradictions are Ricans ire, where you can conceive of opposites and somehow, hold them in mind at once.

Basically, experience is characterized by it’s fluid quality, something can emerge to dissolve just as quickly, a finite experience. A mystical experience is characterized by feelings of transformative change that are lasting so even though it’s a temporary experience, a person is forever transformed. New perspectives, our glimpse, new visionary understanding is felt and so, a person is forever made better. You feel like you’ve seen the light whereas. We’re blind and now we can see.

Finally, a mystical experience leaves us with a quality of a neotic flavor. There’s this sense that what was seen and what was understood and was felt, has some deeper veracity than everyday reality has. Some kind of deeper meaning beyond our normal literal grid. There’s a sense that there is ultimate truth and ultimate meaning to what was apprehended and this lasts indefinitely. So, these are the hallmarks of a mystical experience. Something that as human beings we should all aim to encounter at least once in our lives.

The alternative is unconsciousness, the default setting, the rat-race, the constant gnawing sense of having had and lost some infinite thing.


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